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8057  Idris® kit

The patented sprinkler with clear plastic tank to automatically water potted plants: a convenient, smart idea on the balcony or patio, in the house and at the office. No connections with the tap or electricity required: the included drippers allow you to calibrate irrigation, depending on the type of pot and plant, guaranteeing the right amount of water for days on end. Equipped with a stable tripod with spikes that are anchored in the soil without damaging the roots and practical interchangeable dripper holder.

  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • graduated tank with upper opening for top-ups
  • delivers water directly to the roots
  • irrigation is calibrated for every type of plant

Automatic dripper complete with 2-litre reservoir. Filler/top-up opening with built-in filter. Accurate and elegant design. Made of clear impact-resistant polycarbonate. When not in use, Idris® can be placed in the container and stowed away until needed again.

  • Packaging: kit
  • Maximum capacity: 2l  ()
  • Width: Ø141,5 mm
  • Height: 395 mm
  • Depth: Ø141,5 mm
  • Weight: 415 gr.
  • structure: PP
  • container: PC
Packaging blister - 8057
  • Pieces per pack: 8 pcs.
  • Packaging width: 26.5 cm
  • Packaging height: 38 cm
  • Packaging depth: 26 cm
  • Packaging volume: 0,03 m³
  • Product weight with packaging: 4,43 kg
  • Pieces per pallet: 192 pcs.
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