Underground irrigation

Colibrì® System

With the Colibrì® system, Claber has introduced even in small green areas, such as terrace-house gardens, all the advantages of underground irrigation: convenience, water saving, and the well-being of lawn and plants, enhancing the garden. Colibrì® is very easy to install, without requiring digging or wiring. A simple Claber battery water timer connected to a tap is all that is needed to give the garden the right amount of water at the right time, even when away from home or on holiday. A big Claber success, in line with the developments in gardening, living areas and lifestyles.

Colibrì® system

  Item Data sheet
360° - 2” Micro-sprinkler 90210
360° - 2” Micro-sprinkler
ideal for DIY projects
180° - 2” Micro-sprinkler 90220
180° - 2” Micro-sprinkler
ideal for DIY projects
90° - 2” Micro-sprikler 90230
90° - 2” Micro-sprikler
ideal for DIY projects
Starter kit Colibrì® 90200
Starter kit Colibrì®
To irrigate up to 50 sq.m.
Turbo-jet 45° - 270° - 3” 90260
Turbo-jet 45° - 270° - 3”
low water consumption