The best idea for holidays

An oasis of well-being for your plants

Time for holidays, time to travel, time for OASIS: the simple, versatile and definitive solution for watering plants when away from home. OASIS is the dispenser, made by CLABER, that will ensure plants receive exactly the right amount of water, totally unassisted.

An electronic control system allows the user to select one of 4 different watering programmes. A Led indicator lights up whenever the dispenser is in use. A special device inside the unit ensures that water is released precisely and steadily.
And all this with no taps left on, no electrical connections, and no installation difficulties. You just enjoy your holidays, and OASIS will take care of the plants!


Easy to use, and easy on the eye

No complicated instructions, no tangle of tubes… nothing is as simple and effective as OASIS!

  1.    Stand the OASIS tank on a flat top and arrange the plants on the floor, pushing a hose-clip stake into each of the pots.

  2. Connect the two ends of the hose to the outlets on the tank so that a loop is created, then anchor the hose to each pot by securing it in the clip of the relative stake. Next, cut the hose at a point above each pot, and connect the two cut ends to one of the drippers.

  3. Fill the tank with water and select the most suitable watering programme, simply by turning the knob to the relative setting.

  4. OASIS is all about attention to detail: the soft rubber feet will not damage furniture tops, and the modern, elegant design blends stylishly with any home interior.

The best idea for holidays

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