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Claber was created in the 60’s, at the same time as a revolution: the advent of plastic and its use in all aspects of everyday life. But well before many other companies, Claber had the intuition of another radical change: the need, right in the middle of an industrial and construction boom, to restore links with nature, through the garden. Love for greenery, harmony with the contemporary world and cutting-edge research have since been the chief sources of Claber’s evolution. A history that we invite you to discover, year after year, idea after idea. Just like turning the pages of an album full of recollections, where you might even recognise yourself.
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Innovative technical tests
Claber immediately presented itself to the market as an innovative name, with its first metal carts. The design and selection of colours reflected a distinct corporate identity, while the quality of professional-grade materials were top standard: steel with epoxy paint for resistance to the elements, wheels with tread to avoid damaging turf – design concepts still valid today!
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Goodbye to old-fashioned clips
Spring 1972: Claber is one of Italy’s first companies to bring its couplings into line with the new international standards.

And the move pays itself off; shortly afterwards, 1/2", 3/4" and 1" plastic couplings replace the old hose clips, thanks to their rapid and watertight fitting.

To paraphrase a fashionable declaration of the time: "one small step for man, one giant leap for irrigation!"
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A brand name that turns
Claber innovation is seen not only in products, but in packaging and its coordinated image as well. Witness the care given, in the mid-70’s, to the range displays, in line with the new "self- service" techniques and the emerging DIY market"…
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The evolution of industrial design
During the 80’s, Claber has its own original design for gardening items – the peerless combination of shape, function and ergonomics, in products made to satisfy the new demands of gardening enthusiasts.

Thus the Aquapass was born, the first ever "tube cassette" with continuous water flow: a small revolution in domestic irrigation in its own right.
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Communicate to inform
Thanks to Claber, garden plants are not the only things to grow; the gardening culture is flowering too. Printed on recycled paper, the "Garden Claber News" is distributed to thousands of enthusiasts throughout Italy, with information on Claber products, eco-friendly advice and readers’ letters (almost the precursor to this site!). But Claber also publishes the "Water and the Garden" manual as well as the Guides to Irrigation, books that virtually set the standards for the industry.
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Electronics enters the garden
At the end of the eighties, Claber moves to the cutting edge of another important change: that of timed irrigation cycles.

Less time, better results, optimal use of an increasingly valuable resource, water: advantages that also come complete with exceptionally simple and versatile operation.

The origin of products imitated as much as they are inimitable – such as the Aqua 2, the first 2-way timer. Improved year after year, but still the same best-seller"
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Claber total quality
Claber is the first Italian company in the irrigation industry to be awarded UNI EN ISO 9001 status, the prestigious international certificate acknowledging the total quality standards of the entire production process – from raw materials to engineering, from testing right through to pre- and after-sales services. An achievement to be celebrated, but also an incentive towards even greater improvement, in line with Claber’s ever-valid company ethos.
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Ccomputers at the service of greenery
During the Urbavert in Paris, Claber presents its brand-new professional division: Meteoclaber, a project launched towards the new frontiers of IT and telematics. Specially designed for large public venues, Meteoclaber systems gather data from a network of programmers, then process them in a management centre, which adjusts irrigation in accordance with plant requirements and weather conditions. The future is already here.
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Claber becomes interactive
The Internet site www.claber.it, which has already been on-line for some years, is upgraded to include new functions. Visitors can now download the Irrigation Guides, consult the complete purchasing guide, contact Claber dealers and After-sales centres, directly ask Claber experts questions, participate in a forum on Claber products, and receive preview information on the latest products, as well as on ecology and saving water.
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Irrigation enters the 21st century
Claber opens 2000 with the new and exclusive pop-up sprinkler.

Developed through countless experiments and tests, the sprinkler is scientifically designed to deliver even water distribution to the entire area being irrigated, thus ensuring more thorough watering with less water consumption.

The product is not only highly successful on the market, but leads to a partnership between Claber and the University of Padua for the development of joint research projects.
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The water school
After years of work, on a site of what was a hydroelectric plant dating back to the early 1900’s, Claber opens its first authentic multifunctional project: the Water School. The new building is at the one time a source of clean energy, a hyrogeological observatory, a multidisciplinary research centre on water and irrigation, as well as a laboratory in which the Claber products of tomorrow take shape and are tested. History goes on!
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Innovation rewarded
During a presentation ceremony at the new Science and Technology Park in Udine, the President of Claber SpA is presented by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Regional Council with the 2004 Innovation Award for a project relating to irrigation and the transformation of plastics.

An accolade in recognition of the global innovation pursued by the company since its incorporation in the 1960s — when already in the forefront of technology and marketing — through to the very latest ideas in landscape architecture and building automation researched and developed by the Clabermeteo professional division.

From the Olympic stadia in Athens to the new Exhibition Complex in Milan, the Ferrari vineyards of Trento and the Hotel & Bay Resort in Montecarlo, Claber research focuses on the biggest, most complex and prestigious green spaces, with a dual aim in view: to safeguard and optimize the management of an increasingly precious resource — water.
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Code of ethics: principles to cultivate
Once again, Claber sets the agenda at the leading edge of the sector, by publishing its own Code of Ethics: a veritable "charter of rights and moral duties".

The Claber Code of Ethics establishes the objectives of the company, and its responsibilities in respect of the environment, the public, and the organizations with which it has dealings: installers and consumers, suppliers and public authorities.

A cast iron guarantee of transparency, probity and positive intent, which is also posted on the company’s website www.claber.com: Claber ethics — there for all to see.
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New design trends
Rounded contours, leading edge materials, innovative functionality. Objects that go to make up a lifestyle: home and garden, both made for living. Claber explores the latest trends in design, looking for novel combinations of technology and style, creating new solutions and product concepts.

Typical results? Oasis, the indoor drip irrigation system inspired by new trends in home interior design. Confort pistols, combining top performance, a soft touch and unparalleled class. The Multipla timer, with its instant functional advantages and nicely balanced design. And the new Ergogrip connectors, with their attractive styling and positive fingertip grip.

Great successes with experts and users alike. Products made for a changing market — and above all for a changing world.
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