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  CLABER HISTORY Claber Oasis Watering System

Claber Spa of Pordenone, Italy has been a leader in the International Gardening sector since 1969 with shipments to over 50 countries. Claber is committed to producing high quality Lawn and Garden products which are manufactured in their own "In House" facility using High Tech computerized production equipment.

With a Warehouse and Distribution Center of over 100,000 square feet, Claber is capable of storing and shipping vast amounts of inventory in an efficient and timely manner with rapid stock replenishing capabilities.

Claber produces an extensive array of gardening products including Sprinklers, Spray Nozzles, "Quick Click" Hose Connectors, Chrome Plated Steel Gardening Tools, Cleaning Brushes, Hose Carts, and Watering Timers each endowed with functional design. Claber also produces irrigation systems of various sizes and mechanisms, from the traditional to underground systems to mini-drip systems designed for water conservation. Claber also sponsors a nationally broadcast television program in Italy called Pollici Verdi (Green Thumbs) which provides informative gardening techniques while advertising their products. The Claber Garden Club of Italy which counts tens of thousands of members also serves to make the Claber product line more well known.

Claber is also the only European company in the hose end industry to win the prestigious ISO 9001 Award for outstanding product design, development, manufacturing and service.

In 1991, Claber formed their own United States Division called Claber Inc. with offices and distribution center located in the Chicagoland area. The employees of Claber Inc. are also committed to the same quality and service as our Italian counterpart and will provide whatever it takes to assure and maintain customer satisfaction.

Our warehouse is fully stocked with Claber products found in our current Gardenlife Catalog and with regular shipments from our Italian factory, we maintain our stock balance all year long to assure optimum service to our customers.

By using the finest Engineered Plastics, Chrome Plated Steel and Solid Brass, Claber makes a commitment to the consumer that they are purchasing quality products that are truly designed to last a lifetime.

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ISO 9001: the most complete certification on the principles to guarantee quality in planning, developing, manufacturing and servicing. At Claber, we have always been committed to the utmost in every field: from innovation to design, from production process to pre-sales and after sales service. This is why, such recognition, besides from being an important confirmation for the Company, authorizes us to make another promise. To research even more intensively a continuous improvement of the quality level in our products and services: today, tomorrow and for ever.
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  • Claber "Gardenlife" products offers several point of sale plan-o-grams with product assortments to fit your merchandising needs and space requirements
  • We can also provide a deluxe free standing metal floor merchandising to every retail store with a choice of our recommended 2 foot or 4 foot product assortment.
  • Only our best selling products are included in the 2 foot and 4 foot assortments and featured in the new eye catching "Gardenlife" packaging.
  • We have provided a balanced mix of lawn sprinklers, spray nozzle, water timers and convenient "Quick Click" hose end connectors.
  • Claber can also customize any plan-o-gram up to 24 feet to accommodate your product selections and specific needs.


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