Company Policy

Claber S.p.A sustains that the company’s main purpose is to achieve ongoing fair economic benefit for both its shareholders and the people in the business organisation, working to:

  • achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as regards the products and services provided and the expectations generated by the brand;
  • maintain a safe and hygienic workplace in which working conditions are conducive to safeguarding the health of the people in the business organisation;
  • protect the environment, including by using energy resources efficiently.

In acknowledging that quality is an essential part of the design, production and distribution of its products and related services offered on the market, Claber Management


  • communicate and promote understanding of this quality policy within the organisation;
  • implement, including via context analysis, an appropriate programme of decision-making, planning, operational, monitoring and critical review tasks relating to relevant business organisation processes, establishing and putting into a practice a quality management system for the products and services it offers;
  • maintain and improve this management system in compliance with the requirements of the interested parties, promised performance levels and the requirements of standard ISO 9001.

To this end, the following goals are pursued by Management and the people in the business organisation:

  1. to ensure customers are satisfied with the extent of our product range, product innovation and product performance, as well as with the consulting, sales and support services offered in line with, if not exceeding, customer expectations;
  2. to guarantee the competent, ongoing and conscientious personal commitment of each team member working within his or her area of responsibility to support the collective commitment of Management and all of the other people within the business organisation to the issue of quality;
  3. to guarantee that the effectiveness of company operating processes and their interactions are evaluated and improved systematically on a constant basis, regularly setting and achieving specific quality objectives.

This Company Policy is made available to and distributed within the company organisation, and is available to customers, suppliers and supervisory authorities as appropriate.
Fiume Veneto, June 2018

Claber S.p.A.
Ing. Gian Luigi Spadotto

 Company Policy (PDF)