Gardenlife 2019 EN

ABOVE-GROUND IRRIGATION Everyone can find the right solution for their needs with Claber’s extensive above-ground irrigation range. The pistols and spray nozzles not only have a cutting-edge design, but they are also efficient and comfortable to hold, made of materials that guarantee perfect grip. The sprinklers are lightweight yet sturdy, designed to last over time and handy to adjust. This makes them perfect for any garden or green space. Our hoses are made of first choice materials and can be used with our extensive range of hose reels, helping you move freely around your garden. Our automatic couplings, easy-to-install in a quick click, meet all the most common connection needs, ensuring no water waste. Claber products not only look great, but are also handy and easy to use, making watering a relaxing and enjoyable experience. WATERING IS A REAL PLEASURE