Your complete guide to DIY watering 2022

2 WHY THIS GUIDE? WHY CHOOSE CLABER? Of all the water there is on the planet, only 2% can be used for human activities, including gardening: Claber shows you how to do watering efficiently, saving time, trouble and, above all, precious water. All Claber products are the result of scientific research and are 100% tested and guaranteed. Claber has put together this guide full of information and advice to help develop your made-to- measure watering system: from a simple hose for spraying to an electronically timed underground system. You too can discover all the secrets of easier, more efficient and more convenient household watering! For more than fifty years Claber has been planning and producing innovative, easy-to-use products for watering, which respect the growth of nature and accommodate the busy lives of people. A constant commitment that is renewed with each new innovation, which anticipate the needs and habits of a society that is changing fast. Solutions suitable for any context, from small to large gardens, and with the market’s most complete range for watering terrace and house plants. Claber’s success is firmly based on a sense of responsibility and reliability. Each product is designed, created and tested in our own factories in Italy. Claber only selects certified rawmaterials that are strictly nontoxic to entrust safe products that are made to last.