Above-ground irrigation

Nozzles and pistols

Ergonomics and practical operation have always been the characteristics of Claber nozzles and pistols, a family of products that keeps on evolving. The special design of Pro and Plus nozzles allows the user to adjust flow with a single hand, while the ergonomic handle on Ergo pistols, also available in a convenient kit complete with couplings, makes them comfortable to hold and manage.

Spray nozzles and pistols

  Item Data sheet
”Plus” spray nozzle 8537
”Plus” spray nozzle
With double adjustment
”Pro” spray nozzle 8535
”Pro” spray nozzle
With adjustable jet
Jet spray nozzles 8617
Jet spray nozzles
With adjustable jet
Set 8602 + 8616 8800
Set 8602 + 8616
Coupling and jet spray nozzle
Starter set 1/2” 8802
Starter set 1/2”
Tap connector, coupling and jet spray nozzle
Starter set 3/4” 8827
Starter set 3/4”
Tap connector, coupling and jet spray nozzle
Spray pistol 8756
Spray pistol
With exclusive adjustment system
”Ergo” spray pistol 8539
”Ergo” spray pistol
With anatomic handle grip
Starter Kit 1/2” 8551
Starter Kit 1/2”
Ergo Pistol, tap connector and couplings
Ergogrip Precision Kit 8550
Ergogrip Precision Kit
Adjustable spray pistol, couplings and tap connector
”Ergo” spray pistol 8541
”Ergo” spray pistol
For gentle watering
Fan spray 8917
Fan spray
For gentle watering
Long fan spray 8922
Long fan spray
With jet adjustment
Spray pistol ”Garden” 9373
Spray pistol ”Garden”
With multi-function system
”Ergo-garden” spray pistol 9391
”Ergo-garden” spray pistol
With multi-function and anatomic handle grip
Elegant dual jet pistol 9081
Elegant dual jet pistol
 With concentrated or fan spray
Elegant shower pistol 9082
Elegant shower pistol
With gentle jet
Elegant multifunction pistol 9083
Elegant multifunction pistol
With 4 different jets
Elegant multifunction lance 9084
Elegant multifunction lance
With 4 different jets
Multifunction spray lance 9085
Multifunction spray lance
With 4 different jets
Telescopic multifunction spray lance 9086
Telescopic multifunction spray lance
With 4 different jets

Confort pistols

  Item Data sheet
Precision 9561
With rubber grip and cap
Balcony 9565
With rubber grip and aerator
Multi-Jet 9563
With rubber grip and multi-function spray head
Metal-Jet 9567
With rubber grip and metal components