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Above-ground system

A complete, versatile system for watering small lawns and flowerbeds? Cart with weather-resistant aluminium frame, quality hose, tap connector, connectors and pistol. And the multipurpose sprinkler, which meets all needs with its different, easily selectable jets. Here’s a multipurpose solution that works!

Hose cart with accessories

Want to start watering right away? The kit with the weather-resistant aluminium hose reel cart, complete with quality hose, tap connector, connectors and adjustable spray nozzle. Everything you need to start watering the lawn and flowers in an instant. Quick to store away, always tidy and ready to use again.

DIY system

Claber has designed systems that are professionally effective but really simple to create. Like Colibrì System, the micro-irrigation system with no digging and electrical connections that works perfectly even with low water pressure. And with the automatic timer it does it all by itself.