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Hose reel

The simplest, fastest solution for watering the terrace and keeping everything tidy: hose reel, hose, connectors and pistol, in Claber quality! Aquapony is a light, compact hose reel, you can choose to attach it to the wall and pair it with a hose of suitable length to easily reach every corner of your terrace. Complete the system with the Balcony Confort pistol with ergonomic grip: the special aerated jet distributes the water with all the delicacy and efficiency your plants deserve.

Ready-to-use kit

An independent drip-irrigation system that is practical and simple to install. The 20 Logica timer kit has everything: a battery-operated timer with pre-set programmes, feeding hose to reach every plant and drippers for calibrated irrigation. It is installed in minutes, with no tools, and then just sit back and enjoy watching your plants thrive.

System with no tap

It seems like magic, and it is a bit: Aqua-Magic System, the innovative drip-irrigation system with no electrical connections and plumbing. A timer with built-in pump and photovoltaic panel, that can be paired with the convenient foldable 80-litre Aqua-Magic Tank to reach up to 20 potted plants. In a word? Indispensable!

DIY system

For DIYers, a drip-irrigation system that can be assembled easily without using tools or electrical connections. It comes with a battery-operated timer to automate irrigation, the hose and the drippers. Weather resistant and 100% quality tested, the system is ready to be expanded to adapt as your green and flowering plants increase.