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Above-ground system

The simplest, most economical and versatile solution for your vegetable patch: a battery-operated timer you can set with just two buttons, a light and sturdy metal hose reel, an oscillating sprinkler with adjustable jets. You just need a tap and right away it provides gentle watering like natural rain.

Drip-irrigation system

Claber offers you all the components to create a drip-irrigation system yourself for your vegetable patch: two-way timer to manage two independent irrigation lines, main hose, connectors and drippers. And if you don’t want to waste precious water, add the wireless RF Rain Sensor that interrupts watering when it’s raining.

Micro-irrigation system

A complete, effective solution with Claber micro-sprinklers, which let you water your vegetable patch with jets of soft spring rain. Programming is intuitive: the timer has only one dial to choose the programme that most suits you from the pre-set programmes. Complete the system with the Rain Sensor to save water and optimise irrigation.