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Automatic hose reel

To make daily watering more enjoyable we suggest the automatic hose reel: practical, convenient and elegant with its unmistakable design. You can water pots and flowerbeds with the adjustable pistol and, thanks to the Aquastop connector, instantly insert a rotating sprinkler for the lawn. Once finished, you’ll want to start again right away!

Above-ground system

A ready-to-use solution: a sturdy hose reel cart complete with hose, connectors and spray nozzle to pair with the oscillating sprinkler for a garden that’s always perfect. The sprinkler lets you select the watering zones and covers wide areas thanks to its large turbine. An example of a versatile, practical, top-quality above-ground system also suitable for medium-sized gardens.

DIY system

For you and for your garden, an underground irrigation system that’s really accessible, with the two-line battery-operated timer that connects directly to the outside tap, and Colibrì System micro-sprinklers that let you reach every part of the garden with precise irrigation sectors: 90°, 180° and 360°. You can complete the system with the Rain Sensor for an ecological and functional choice.