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Above-ground system

The solution that’s always ready, with a sturdy, professional quality cart with high-capacity drum to hold a hose that can reach every corner of your garden. Tap connector, connectors, and pulsating sprinkler on a stable tripod, complete a set that’s simple to use and efficient in large green spaces.

System with Hydro-4

The solution is the Hydro-4, with its extraordinary versatility, speed of installation and ease of use. A compact valve box (usable also above ground) containing a battery-operated timer and 4 solenoid valves to run 4 independent irrigation lines. You will be able to cover up to 700 m² of lawn. The Hydro-4 is the big made-to-measure irrigation system with no installation problems.

Underground system

High-performance professional systems are made easy with Claber. An easy-to-use timer to manage up to 8 lines with adjustable pop-up (0°- 350°) and turbine (30°-360°) sprinklers lets you plan uniform coverage of vast green spaces, even with the most complex geometry. And with the Rain Sensor you are sure you are not wasting a single drop of water.