Above-ground irrigation


With their ergonomic and functional design, “Wippy System” wash brushes feature special bristles that won’t leave their mark. The Turbo model, with central rotary element moved by the force of water, washes any surface effortlessly. “Wippy System” brushes now come in the brand new open packaging, so that you can actually touch the quality for yourself, and are displayed on the new display stand that presents the complete line of Claber cleaning system products.

Wippy system brushes

  Item Data sheet
Wippy Car 8774
Wippy Car
wash brush
Autoset Wippy Car 8778
Autoset Wippy Car
Wash brush and accessories
Wippy Turbo 8841
Wippy Turbo
wash brush with rotating bristles
Wippy Auto 8843
Wippy Auto
wash brush
10 sticks shampoo 8759
10 sticks shampoo
for Wippy wash brushes
Washing pistol 8757
Washing pistol
with adjustable jet
Set Aquapass 8974
Set Aquapass
portable hose reel