Underground irrigation

The garden becomes a place of wellness and benefits

An underground irrigation system is the most convenient yet efficient way to water the lawn and your plants, at the best time of the day and with the right amount of water. With years of experience and research, Claber gives you all the tools you need to create a cutting-edge system in terms of performance and versatility: from its components, to the DIY underground irrigation guide and the design service. With Claber it is easy to save water, adding value to your home and creating an amazing garden.

Reliability is all in one program

The electronic timer controls the opening and closing of the solenoid valves, to manage irrigation frequency and run time. Claber electronic timers allow you to set different daily or weekly watering programmes, using just a few key buttons and the interactive display, or selecting from different pre-set solutions, by simply turning a knob. Irrigation can also be controlled directly from a handy and compact radio-frequency remote control: Claber is always at the forefront.

Electronic timers
Radio frequency

High quality in all its components

9 V and 24 V solenoid valves, programmable solenoid valves, valve boxes, pipes, connectors, accessories: an underground system consists of several elements. Claber means quality, durability and reliability in every detail, to ensure that the irrigation of the lawn and plants is always efficient, punctual and with no wastage. Claber range also includes a rain sensor that stops the programme when it rains and then resumes it again when the weather turns fine again:so that precious water is not wasted.

Silver Elegant
Solenoid valves
Top Black
Programmable solenoid valves
Spiral Kit
Underground accessories

Even irrigation

The pop-up sprinklers come out of the ground driven by the water pressure and water the lawn and plants. Then they retract underground again when the irrigation programme ends. Featuring extremely even irrigation, with minimal water consumption, Claber pop-up sprinklers can cover different areas, to meet the requirements of any garden, even in case of an irregular shape.

Elegant Line
Pistole Confort
Turbine Sprinklers

Tailor-made even for small gardens

Underground irrigation systems are an ideal solution for medium and large gardens; Claber has, however, created a tailor-made system even for small gardens: Colibrì®System. A real "underground micro irrigation", easy to create by yourself, without deep digging and with a simple battery-powered water timer.

Colibrì System