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8061  Aqua-magic Tank

Designed to be used with the Aqua-Magic System to create a drip irrigation line that is completely independent from the mains power and water tap. This foldable tank is easily assembled, without tools, and can hold up to 80 litres of water. At the end of the season, it can be just as easily disassembled and stored, taking up minimum space. It is ideal for a terrace or a small vegetable patch.

  • special coupling bar for Aqua-Magic System
  • made of premium quality and resistant materials
  • takes up minimum space

Assembly instructions

Folding tank with a capacity of 80 litres for Aqua-Magic System (code 8063). Easy assembly with polypropylene sleeves. Sturdy and stable thanks to the easy-to-assemble aluminium frame with special anti-scratch covering. Equipped with a special coupling bar to position Aqua-Magic System. Dimensions when open: 40x40x85. At the end of the season, it can be tidely stored, taking up minimum space.

  • Packaging: kit
  • Width: 450 mm
  • Height: 875 mm
  • Depth: 450 mm
  • Weight: 2740 gr.
  • container: PVC
  • structure: aluminium
Packaging box - 8061
  • Pieces per pack: 1 pcs.
  • Packaging width: 47 cm
  • Packaging height: 56 cm
  • Packaging depth: 13 cm
  • Packaging volume: 0,034 m³
  • Product weight with packaging: 3,15 kg
  • Pieces per pallet: 28 pcs.
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