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90354  Self-Regulating Dripper Hose 2.1 L/H 25 M

A quick and efficient solution for watering a long and narrow area such as flowerbeds or hedges. The self-regulating internal labyrinth drippers ensure the water is distributed uniformly at the beginning and end of the line, even over inclines. Fitted with a Quick Click coupling, it can be connected to a Claber battery-powered water timer.

  • self-regulating internal drippers
  • works at low pressure (0.5-4 bar)
  • highly even irrigation even over inclined surfaces

1/2” (13 - 16 mm) polyethylene tube. Fitted with internal labyrinth of 2,1 l/h self-regulating drippers at 33 cm intervals which ensure even irrigation over the entire cultivated area. Reduced water consumption: operating 0,5 - 4 bar.

  • Width: mm
  • Height: mm
  • Depth: mm
  • Weight: gr.
Packaging roll - 90354
  • Pieces per pack: 1 pcs.
  • Packaging width: Ø cm
  • Packaging height: 42 cm
  • Packaging depth: 9,5 cm
  • Packaging volume: 0,023 m³
  • Product weight with packaging: 1,61 kg
  • Pieces per pallet: 20 pcs.