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8926  Carry Cart Comfort

This cart is particularly handy for tidying up the garden. Thanks to the stable pedal mechanism, there is no need to use your hands to open the lid. Capacious, sturdy and manoeuvrable on any surface, the cart is easy to assemble without tools, and it comes with a special thick PVC bag, washable and reusable, that may resist even sharp objects.

Assembly instructions

The cart for the disposal of outdoor refuse (leaves, grass, paper, etc.) with a balanced opening of the cover by pressing the pedal. Long-lasting and rustproof aluminium frame. Side uprights featuring an original hive-structure for easy assembly with push-in coupling systems and side bag containment. 1 heavy-duty PVC bag and 4 resin clamps included. The snap-fit polypropylene support base holds the bag and makes the transport easy when fully loaded. The aluminium wheel axle is mounted on self-locking bushings built into the frame. Wheels with tread and half-rim for easy transfers.

  • Width: 543 mm
  • Height: 894 mm
  • Depth: 450 mm
  • Weight: 3340 gr.
  • sides: PP
  • structure: aluminium
Packaging box - 8926
  • Pieces per pack: 1 pcs.
  • Packaging width: 59 cm
  • Packaging height: 44 cm
  • Packaging depth: 16 cm
  • Packaging volume: 0,041 m³
  • Product weight with packaging: 4 kg
  • Pieces per pallet: 16 pcs.
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