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    Say goodbye to your watering can with

    Aqua-Magic System

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    Let's put more energy
    into watering

    Tempo Hybrid equipped with a photovoltaic panel
    and battery: ecological and 100% reliable

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    Watering is child's play

    With Claber products, watering your plants and lawn
    is easy and fun for everyone, in every season.

What do you want to water? We have the solution for every plant

Claber looks after all your green or flowering plants, making it easy and without wasting water.

  • Indoor plants
    Water your plants with style: even when you are away.
  • Balcone e terrazzo
    On balconies and terraces
    The right irrigation solution for potted plants, in every season.
  • Aiuole ed orti
    Vegetable patches
    Enjoy the fruits of smart and water-saving irrigation.
  • Giardino
    In the garden
    Professional irrigation for the lawn, flowerbeds and hedges.

A vast and innovative choice of irrigation products, in three specific ranges.

  Above-ground irrigation

Everything you need to water the lawn and your plants, easily and efficiently.

Find out more about the range

  Drip irrigation

Find out how easy it is to create a tailor-made system for your plants.

Find out more about the range

  Underground irrigation

Cutting edge solutions, problem-free, to water gardens, large or small.

Find out more about the range

Everything is simple with Claber. Just like water itself

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    The drip irrigation system with
    no taps and no electrical power
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    Claber products are designed and
    produced in Italy: the garden of Europe
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    Four irrigation lines
    in just one system
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    Safe, efficient and
    environment-friendly irrigation

Claber, for a new way of thinking about nature and water

Videos, news and information about watering, growing plants and living a better life.

  • Catalogo Online
    Online catalogue
    Page after page,
    discover all the
    Claber products.
  • Colibrì
    Aqua-Magic System
    The drip irrigation system
    with no taps and no electrical power
  • Colibrì
    Colibrì System
    A DIY underground irrigation system tailor-made for the smallest of gardens
  • Idris
    The automatic irrigation system with no connections to the mains or the tap.
  • Tempo e Dual
    Tempo e Dual
    Irrigation on one or two lines with just two buttons.
    100% checked and tested.
  • Elegant Line
    Elegant Line
    Watering the grass and flowers, elegantly and efficiently.
  • Aqua-Radio
    Even more convenient: an underground irrigation system controlled remotely.
  • Mini-Set
    The compact yet practical system for watering in a big way.
  • Linea fuoriterra
    Above-ground irrigation
    How to irrigate well in your garden or the vegetable patch.
  • Drip irrigation
    Drip irrigation
    Micro-irrigation for flowers and vegetables in pots.