Above-ground irrigation

Garden hoses


Above ground irrigation is the simplest way to water plants and lawns. Choosing the right product makes this solution even more convenient, functional and efficient.
Water is conveyed through a flexible hose having an inside diameter that is proportional to the water flow rate and the distance. In medium-sized gardens hose diameters are generally 12 mm or 14 mm: a larger diameter is recommended for bigger gardens or low water supply pressures.
How can I find a hose diameter in inches? Here’s a handy conversion table for the inside and outside diameter.
Claber hoses all feature an algae resistant internal layer and reinforcing mesh or braid: the latter type is more suitable when using "Aquastop" type couplings, because they prevent the hose from kinking when the water flow is turned off.

Connectors and fittings

To connect the water supply fit a coupling on the hose and a connector on the tap. Claber solves all connection problems thanks to a comprehensive range of connectors that can be installed in a flash and provide durable service, always ensuring a perfectly water-tight seal. Threaded or unthreaded taps, lower or higher mains pressure: Claber always has the right solution for any needs. Claber Quick-Click® connectors are tested through millions of cycles and they can be equipped with the Aquastop system, which shuts of the flow of water when a spray nozzle, spray pistol or sprinkler is disconnected from the hose.
Claber connectors feature different diameters depending on the hose: in addition, there’s a universal version that is adaptable for use with all hose diameters. There is also a specific connector designed to join two lengths of hose, which can be extremely useful to replace a length of punctured or ruptured hose. Finally, with the 3-way connector users can create a multiple line above ground irrigation system using a single tap.

Spray nozzles and pistols

Spray nozzles for irrigation are designed to throw water over a considerable distance.
The type of jet can be selected in accordance with requirements, from fully closed and highly concentrated to a fine spray. The adjustment is made by rotating the cap or by means of a knob on the handgrip. There are also fan spray nozzles, which are particularly suitable for herbaceous borders, containers and pots, thanks to their gentle spray delivery; water wands, which are perfect for those awkward to reach plants; pistol nozzles, with an ergonomic handgrip and jet type and intensity adjustment devices.

Static and rotating sprinklers

To water the lawn you can simply connect the hose to a sprinkler. The simplest types are static sprinklers, which have no moving parts: the water is emitted from one or more nozzles with natural rain jets or a fine spray. Static sprinklers provide optimal efficiency when used at normal household water pressures.
Rotating arm irrigators, with fixed and adjustable nozzles, make it possible to alter the size of the irrigated area and adjust operation in accordance with the water pressure.

Oscillating sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers cover rectangular areas, to water exclusively the required areas of the garden with precision; the size of the area covered can be adjusted freely by means of a selector. This system is the most similar to natural rainfall, because the oscillating arm throws the jet upward in a fan shaped pattern and the water droplets fall to the ground delicately, just as nature intended.
With a simple battery-powered timer, like the Logica model, which is set up simply by turning a single knob, operation of an oscillating sprinkler can be automated so that the area can be watered at the best time of day and with the right amount of water, even when you’re on holiday.

Impact sprinklers

Impact sprinklers feature a moving hammer that breaks the water jet to distribute it more uniformly. They are also equipped with an adjuster ring to select the target areas to be watered. They can be mounted on a tripod or spike. Impact sprinklers offer the longest throw so they are suitable for use in wide unobstructed areas of the garden.

Hose reel

To keep your hose in perfect condition and tidy, empty it of water after each use and stow it away in a dry place where it is out of direct sunlight. Claber offers the biggest selection of hose carts on the market, from the most compact models for balconies and patios or a small garden to the largest for gardens of any size. Claber hose carts are supplied in a simple kit that can be assembled without tools. The frame is made of durable aluminium, the high strength reel drum rotates freely and smoothly, and the wheels are specifically designed for easy transport. In addition, since the carts all feature a water inlet connector the hose can be used without having to pull the entire length off the reel: the water flows through the hub of the hose reel into the coiled hose and out of the free end.


Rotoroll Automatic rewinds the garden hose automatically after use, thus keeping the garden tidy at all times. It’s also equipped with a special Soft Block® System that locks the reel while watering is in progress to prevent accidental recoil if the hose is inadvertently released, thus ensuring greater practicality and safety. Simply pull out the necessary length of hose and give a gentle tug to lock the winder mechanism. Another gentle tug releases the winder. Alternatively, Claber offers the Rotoroll Manual version, which is equipped with a manual rewind handle. Both models feature sleek modern styling and are equipped with a pivoting wall bracket that allows the hose reel to be swung out through 180° for the maximum flexibility of use.

Winter protection

During the winter months we recommend stowing the components of your above ground watering system indoors to protect them from frost and harsh weather conditions. The hose should be rewound tidily and emptied of water.
Accessories such as nozzles, spray pistols, and above-ground sprinklers should be disconnected from the hose and stowed indoors. If using a timer, remove it from the tap and stow it in a safe place indoors after removing the battery and discarding it at an authorized battery collection point: when the fine weather returns fit a new alkaline battery.