Our Code of Ethics

Claber represents an important heritage of innovation, entrepreneurship and environmental protection, to which it also contributes through its own efforts and accountability.

This is why we place great importance on our Code of Ethics.

It is the result of extensive analysis, reflection and drafting, in line with recent regulations and in sync with the two values – honesty and transparency – that have always shaped our mindset and actions, as a company and as people.

This document is a tool that involves everybody, guaranteeing adherence to specific ethical standards at all times and in every aspect of our work. This covers everything from respecting the law to valuing staff; from pursuing shared goals to interacting with outside parties; from the operating and accounting procedures to internal supervision – all of this to ensure that the Code of Ethics is abided by in every occurrence.

It serves as concrete testimony to our willingness to contribute to progress and wellbeing, while safeguarding the environment, and helping to create a new moral culture.

 Code of Ethics (PDF)