Above-ground irrigation


A great number of innovations characterize the latest Compact Oscillating Sprinklers - the new stunning design of the outer housing in sturdy ABS with a new turbine motor complete with new nonwear gears, while the latest ”Aqua Control“ system allows you to open and close the side nozzles at the touch of two fingers in order to regulate irrigation coverage. Choose from this complete range to satisfy every garden watering requirement.

Oscillanting sprinklers

  Item Data sheet
Compact-160 Promo 8740
Compact-160 Promo
14 nozzle oscillating sprinkler
Compact-12 8748
12 nozzle oscillating sprinkler
Compact-20 Aqua Control 8753
Compact-20 Aqua Control
20 nozzle oscillating sprinkler
Compact-16 Super Metal 8743
Compact-16 Super Metal
16 nozzle oscillating sprinkler
Compact-18 Super Metal 8744
Compact-18 Super Metal
18 nozzle oscillating sprinkler

Static and rotating sprinklers

  Item Data sheet
Multifunction sprinkler 8654
Multifunction sprinkler
with 6 different functions
Rollina 8656
with 5 blade rotor
Turbospruzzo 8658
with mist jet
Turbospike 8660
with spike
Idrospray 2000 8675
Idrospray 2000
with two inclined arms
Aqualux 2000 8685
Aqualux 2000
with two straight arms
Idrojet 2000 8694
Idrojet 2000
with 3 arms
Spike-Jet 8661
with spike
Spray-jet 8663
with spike
Vario-jet 8662
with spike

Pulsanting sprinklers

  Item Data sheet
3/4” (20 - 27) Impact female head 8705
3/4” (20 - 27) Impact female head
pulsating sprinkler
Impact spike 8707
Impact spike
pulsating sprinkler on spike
Impact Plastic Spike 8708
Impact Plastic Spike
With double stake
Impact Tripod 8709
Impact Tripod
Pulsating sprinkler on tripod
Impact Tripod kit 8715
Impact Tripod kit
pulsating sprinkler on tripod with adjustable height