Above-ground irrigation

Take the water where it is needed.

Above-ground irrigation is the easiest way to water your plants and the lawn, simply by connecting a hose to a tap and distributing water with a nozzle or a pistol. But remember, to ensure accurate irrigation, it is important to choose high-quality, efficient and long-lasting solutions. Claber offers a wide range of high-quality products, cutting-edge in terms of performance, reliability and ease of use, able to meet every requirement.

Connect the hose with a click

Claber tap connectors are both resistant and completely watertight and are the solution to all your connection needs with the most commonly used taps: threaded with different diameters, smooth or mixer. The Quick-Click ® system allows you to connect and disconnect the hose in a second. There are also multi-way connectors to connect several hoses to the same tap.

Connectors and accessories
Quick-Click® connectors
Ergogrip® System

A quality hose, quality irrigation

In order to use water in the garden without wasting a drop, Claber offers a range of safe, flexible and resistant hoses, with different features: reinforced mesh, anti-torsion, internal drinkable safe layer. Claber hoses are available in different lengths and diameters and also in kit, supplied complete with connectors and pistol.

Silver Elegant
Silver Elegant Hoses
Top Black
Top Black Hoses
Spiral Kit
Spiral Kit

Flexible yet effective watering

The water is distributed to the plants using a nozzle, an adjustable pistol or an above-ground sprinkler. Once again, Claber offers a complete range of high quality products: from multifunction pistols with different jets to adjustable sprinklers to water only where needed. And with the Ergogrip® connectors, patented and tested up to 1.5 million "clicks", there are no connection or extension problems.

Elegant Line
Elegant Line
Pistole Confort
Confort Pistols

Everything tidy, everything in its place

A twisted and kinked hose is ugly, not handy, it takes up more space, it becomes dirty and over time can be damaged. Among Claber hose reels and carts range, the largest on the market, you can find a solution for every need: from a compact reel for the terrace or a small garden to large models with professional features. Sturdy and long-lasting, Claber hose reels and carts can be easily assembled without tools: yet another advantage.

Hose reels
Hose carts