House plants

Living your life surrounded by plants and flowers

At home, in the office, wherever you live or work you can always feel at one with nature: all it takes is just one potted plant.

With plants, every room becomes not only more beautiful but also more welcoming and healthier. In fact, house plants purify the air and help maintaining the right level of humidity.

But remember, they are living things so they need your care. As well as the correct exposure to light and ambient temperature, you need to ensure that they are watered regularly with just the right amount of water.

How can you do this if you are too busy or away on holiday? Claber takes care of this and has developped solutions which have been specifically created to water potted plants, easily and efficiently.

For thirsty plants. Idris, a unique water distributor for potted plants which uses normal plastic bottles. It distributes a calibrated amount of water for a number of days with no need of a connection to the mains or a tap. It is equipped with different drippers so that you may select the required water flow according to the plant and the climate. It is available with or without a tripod.

The ideal solution for: automatically watering potted plants at home, in the office or anywhere else, even on the terrace or balcony, it's easy and versatile.

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Idris 8055
for potted plants
Idris spike 8052
Idris spike
for potted plants

Up to 20 pots. Oasis, the elegant water distributor for potted plants. It works with a 9V battery and does not require any connection to the mains or a tap. It comes complete with feeding tube, drippers and stakes. It waters your potted plants with a calibrated amount of water according to 4 different programmes (10-20-30-40 days) to meet all your needs.

The ideal solution for: creating a temporary drip irrigation system while you are away, even for few weeks, without leaving a tap or the electricity meter running. After using it, simply store the unit, with tube and drippers inside, until next time.

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Oasis 8053
water dispenser